Tuesday, July 27, 2010

back to Lee Min Ho?

after the Boys Over Flowers fever..
Min Ho backed up again with a new drama aired last 3 months ago.
Personal Taste is it.
argghhh so love this drama.
i bought a DVD last Sunday.
watched it for about 8 hours straight!
last night we finished all the 16 episodes and  yeah, its satisfying!
i can't help myself from giggling and laughing so hard with some of the scenes
all the kilig moments and heart pounding moments!
arghh! i strongly recommend this to you!watch this drama!
you'll see how good kisser min ho is!!
some screencaps:
they're such a good couple! <3

i'm free!

after a week full of studies.
exams are DONE!!
GOODBYE prelim!
HELLO midterm.
and Goodluck for endterm!!

i haven't blog for a week!
well, should i call it a great week?
all i did last week was STUDY.
especially for our major subjects.
the last exam was sooooooooo stressful!
i don't wanna talk about that.
i'm so----i can't explain it.
yesterday. a new week. and a new love?
i'm just sooooo infatuated for Lee Min Ho after watching his drama "Personal Taste"
all i can say is:
and his not only H.O.T. he's a good kisser.
 argggghhh i'll just make a new post about him! :3

Friday, July 23, 2010

Brand new music video of HALE
Magkaibang Mundo

how can this be poccible? what a twist in the story. i hate it. but i really do love the song.
its just so sad.

 please watch this!
do support OPM!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

got my Nikon D3000!

doing a random practice shooting at our backyard..
thanks Nikon for having these cool photos!

Pika.model for the day.

can you believe this?she's my mom!haha..love her soo much!


earphones <3

when Vanity strikes.
finally, after a long time of waiting. the day has come! July 16, 2010, i got my own NIKON D3000!
this is my advance birthday gift, Christmas gift, and graduation gift from dad!
thank gawd he said yes! hahaha!
so earlier this day, i have nothing to do, so i went outside our house and did a random shooting.
random subjects such as Pika, my mom, our dogs, the leaves, etc...
in that way, i can start practicing my manual shooting skills, focusing, etc..
well, it's a good start right?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

feeling well?

yesterday, i was sneezing all the time.
got runny nose and cough.
then the rain came.
and it worsen.
so i didn't attend my last two classes in the afternoon.
no choice, but to go home..grrr...
i hate being sick!!
then today, i still feel sick..
my cough got worst..hard cough that seems to be an asthma.
and i hate it a lot!
hope everything will be fine tomorrow.
we still have a reporting for english5, "Land of the Lotus Eaters"
i still need to finish the powerpoint presentation this night.

got to go leute!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Perfect Pair

will my chucks fit to bill's outfit?
hmmm.. i guess, YES.
right right? tell me i'm right! XD

when i saw this, first thing that came to my mind was Bill's outfit during the DSquared fashion show..
the texture (leather), and the pattern which is squares..
so without any hesitations, i asked mom to buy it!

Chucks for Me!

my mom and i would usually buy clothes, bags, or shoes at ukay-ukay
instead of buying at the mall then you have the same thing as others have.
but we first look at the quality and if the price is worth the quality, we'll buy it.
i'm sure only 1% of the population could have the same thing from the ukay-ukay.
or maybe no one.
so, it's like our hobby every time we're together, or we have free time.
i think we've been to all the ukay-ukay stores here in Bacolod.
from the downtown, to the mall...etc..

so we dropped by at the renovated "Divisoria"..
we were ready to go, then we forgot to go upstairs.
guess what?
a new hub was discovered!
it was like you're entering heaven along the stairs!
good quality clothes, bag, shoes!
you can really tell that it's worth the price.

so yesterday, i was really finding a chuck taylor that would feed my crave.
earlier today, when we dropped by that ukay-ukay store, i saw these pair!

it was like a dream come true!
i can't believe that i found it there.
usually this pair will run in a price of P2,600..
but i bought it for P700 ONLY!
event hough its slightly used, but i really liked it!
 i can't get my head over it!
thanks to my mom for buying this to me!

Never Say Never!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

i got to watch Jaden Smith's Karate Kid!
how could a 12 year old kid have ABS like that?! i mean like THIS??
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
he got the moves. he got the skills. what more??
 he got my heart. (??)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
just kiddin'!
i'm just so amazed how he got abs like that.
he didn't have any doubles during the shoot.
wow.that's just amazing.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
plus, he had the chance to be with Jackie Chan.
well, you know HIM. he's like, JACKIE the CHAN!
LOL hahahaha! XD

Thursday, July 8, 2010

is it Me?or Bill?

i just got inspired by Bill's GORGEOUS FACE.
i think he's much Prettier than me!
can you see?gawd, i can't believe how a guy look so Beautiful! LOL
he's androgynous look kills me!!
(btw, it's on my phone's wallpaper, that's why i got inspired to have my picture like that. haha)

during BREAKtime~

after doing PE and played Badminton, then a major class about Behavior Management, 
we had our vacant time, so we decided to buy some street foods outside our campus.
kwek-kwek, corn, piaya, camote fries..etc.
just anything.
i got so excited to eat kwek-kwek (egg coated with an orange dough)..so i bought one for only P10.00.
BUT. i got really disappointed with the sauce!
all i can taste was pepper.grrr...i will never buy that kwek-kwek again.hmfp!

The List 02: Run up an Escalator the Wrong Way

escalator Pictures, Images and Photos
You need plenty of stamina for this. When you're standing at the bottom of an escalator, running up it doesn't seem such a daunting prospect. After all, they move pretty slow, and you can easily see the top. However, you've got to remember that an average escalator is one and a half times longer than a staircase of the same size. And don't forget that the steps are much higher and will require more exertion.
Still up for the challenge??

Running to Stand Still?

  • find an escalator. Shopping malls are probably your best bet, or if you live near a subway, you've got plenty of choice. Start with a short one and pace yourself, or you'll run out of steam before you reach the top. It's a long, humiliating way down if you fail.
  • Make sure you've got appropriate footwear on and you're not wearing any clothes that might trip you up or get caught in the escalator.
  • Use an empty escalator. Other users won't be too happy if you barge past them and you might get told off. They'll also block your way and slow you down.
  • Remember, where there is an up escalator, there is a down one too!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The List 01 : Send a Message in a Bottle

message in a bottle Pictures, Images and Photos
Throwing a bottle with a message in it out to sea is traditionally a form of SOS. But it can also be an exciting way to make contact with people who live far away. only the forces of nature and chance can help your message reach someone. be patient. it could be years before it's found!

Bottling It Up!

  • start your message with something like, "Congratulations on finding this message in a bottle. Please send an e-mail stating who you are and where you found the bottle." Then introduce yourself, including your name, the country you live in, and your e-mail address. Don't forget to date it! Write your message in as many different languages as you can
  • Put a present in the bottle for the person who finds it, it could be something useful-like matches or whistle, in case your bottle reaches someone on the desert island-or something that you feel that represents you or where you come from. Include a request that the person who finds it reseals the bottle and throws it back to the sea for someone to find.
  • Alternatively, start your message with something like, "Help! i'm stranded on a desert island!", and write a short story about how you got there, how long you've been there, and how you're managing to survive. The trouble of this is that you'll never know if your bottle was ever found.
  • Seal your bottle well. You don't want the message to be ruined.
  • If you can't get to the ocean, you can always drop your bottle in a river.
Message in a Bottle Pictures, Images and Photos

the Little Red Book

what is this all about?

i have a question mark on my forehead.
i bought this yesterday at a bookstore..
well, it caught my attention.
it's not that expensive.
from its title: "101 Things to Do Before You're Old and Boring"

i'm not a bookworm.
i don't read books that much.
but i'm particular about these kind of books.
like facts, something interactive and interesting.
so i grabbed the book, opened it. scanned through the pages.
so i asked my mom if she have extra money, she said yes, and YES! i bought it!

inside the book, you'll see lists of 'to do' things before you're old and boring.
so you can choose from the lists of Things to do, perform it, put a sticker-star if you did, until you have a number of done things.
it's hilarious, combined with meaningful experiences and a great memory to keep.

so starting today, i'm gonna post Things To Do.
one for each day.
so keep updated!
gute nacht leute!<3

Saturday, July 3, 2010


actually, this was last day for the submission of pictures for the Krushers' "Sweet Escape" contest.
my cousin and i don't have enough time to take a picture + krushers here in our place.
so we took the opportunity last June 30, 2010

first we dropped by at SM, grabbed Krushers at KFC..

then off to Lagoon/Negros Occidental Museum

then off to our last destination..the new Government Center

and that was it!
we have fun all day long!
hope we can get it through the top 10!
*crosses fingers!