Tuesday, August 17, 2010


my fave band of all time was disbanded last August 14, 2010.

i don't know how to react.

i just discovered it last night when my cousin told me about it.

they say that Champ (Vocalist) will be going solo in his ACTING CAREER?

i said, "WTF??! you're going to exchange the best career you got into a complicated career which is of

course, SHOWBIZ.have you even think about it? how about the rest of the band? Sheldon, Pao, and Roll?? "

how about their efforts since the year 2005??

i've been a fan of them since i got to attend their concert. that was 2005. until now.

5 years of being fan seems to be easy but no. i love their music.

every time Masskara festival will happen

every October, i always hunt every event that will happen. for 2 consecutive years, they have been here in

Bacolod performing during Masskara festival. its a sad fact that this year, there will be no more HALE in

Bacolod. no more concerts to watch. no more Champ, Sheldon, Pao, and Roll.

last Panaad festival, Hale performed. i was there. infront of the stage. i have no idea that it will be my last

attendance in their concert. it was also the first time i got to meet Pao face to face. he was so bubbly and

energetic, especially when he do his drum solos. i then remembered Omnie. Hale's drummer for almost 4

years. 2005 was the year when we met Sheldon, Omnie, and Roll at the backstage of USLS. we didn't got a

chance to meet Champ, because he was so covered with guards. but then we got a chance to meet his dad.

that was when i became a fan of HALE. for 5 years. i want it to be 10 years. or more. but with them

disbanded, i think there's no more chance.

i hope they can settle things up. and if champ will change his mind to continue HALE, cross-fingers.

i really hope that that would happen.