Monday, November 2, 2009

My current Facebook Addictions:

thanks to Facebook! my sembreak was not boring!

i had a chance to be a
Chef..a Fun Park Modeartor/manager
a Farmer!

Halloween treat!

Halloween Treats for you!!


i got these from

it's a site where in you can create your own face or any other face,

what ever you would look like!

you can choose your hair, eyes, nose, lips, outfit, accesories..etc.

from varieties of choices!haha..

and actually i don't look like a vampire nor a candy-clown girl!haha..

sunset from afar


i love sunsets!..even just watching from afar..

i can tell how beautiful it is..

even just staring at it..

they say, “there is good in every end…”

just like life. some says life is short and ends too soon.

but look into the brighter side.

a sunset for me is like a pot of gold in a rainbow’s end..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

a little background of Me.

I'm friends calls me TATZ.whenever I'm asked why 'tatz', it's because when i was still a kid, my mom, aunties, uncles..almost all my relatives would call me that.and i really don't know the reason behind.haha. so after that, i just used it as my nickname.

i'm from Philippines.a beautiful country which is found at the southern part of Asia...and from Bacolod City...the city of Smiles and a city which is very popular during the season or month of October for our festival, MassKara..well, my name doesn't came from "MassKara" mom said she got my name from a popular actress in their time...

i'm currently 18 years old..turning 19(!!!!!) this coming November 9!middle child, i have an older sister (her name is Heavenly Love), and a little brother (his name is Kent Decemb Angelo---quite long right?...)

i'm taking up Special Education at De La Salle University-Bacolod..that's why i'm Special to everyone!(just kiddin'!!)hahaha...XD

i'm fond of watching Asian dramas, especially Korean dramas and other asian movies. i got interested in these since the first dramas(asianovelas) started to hit the Philippine television. i think i was still in highschool when it happened. here's a list of some asianovelas i have watched long long ago up to now:
  • amazing twins (charlie and gary!)
  • meteor garden (the famous F4!who would ever forget their invasion!)
  • poor prince
  • scent of love
  • endless love---series
  • love storm
  • devil beside you
  • hana yori dango
  • boys over flowers
  • love contract
  • it started with a kiss
  • hana kimi
  • hong gil dong
  • full house
  • really, really, love you
  • oh dalja
  • 1 litre of tears
  • my name is kim sam soon
  • stairway to heaven
and etc...ahaha..i forgot some!