Wednesday, June 30, 2010

stuffs to do:

Due on Thursday:
  • Bulletin Board Design
  • read the assigned reading for SPED110
  • Define each Multiple Disabilities for SPED116
  • Reaction paper(100+ words) for SPED116
Due on Monday:
  • Diary of a God/Goddess for English5

not much. but still gonna work this earlier to keep my free time busy.
off to bed! gute nacht leute!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

kinda stressed out

i feel stressed.
i still don't have an idea about our next bboard.
it's gonna be La salle's birthday bash.
so, i still don't have a clear vision on what the bboard will look like.
God!please help me!

though tomorrow's a holiday (inauguration of Pres. Noynoy Aquno)
i got loads of assignments for thursday!
and we have an assigned reading, same day on Thursday.

i'll not sleep later if i can't finish the layout for the bboard!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

finally.i'm Done

time to celebrate?
after finishing my reaction paper, polished my nails with
violet glam nail polish!!

last week, i got gray. then now, Purple!
Photobucket nails are perfectly match my laptop which is apple green!

got Bangs?

last night, mom tried to cut some of fruitcake's hair
'cause some of her hair matted. so it rumbles and rumbles like hell.
fruitcake got BANGS!!

Realities of...

sitting here outside the house, thinking what to write for our reaction paper.

is this OK?

Realities of Education in the Philippines
            Education for all of us is something that keeps us living in this reality. Everyday is a learning day for all of us, we learn something new, something that will give us realizations in life. For all these years, I’ve been in school for almost 17 years. Since y elementary years, I’ve been in a private school, continuing in high school, then to the present. I consider myself as one of those fortunate ones to have good education since my parents are financially stable.  Brand new books every school year, complete school requirements, and the like, but after watching “Mga Munting Tinig”, I realized that not all of us are fortunate to have a good education. Seeing those children in the movie, it really touched me. Living in a remote area, farming as labor, no money for a single school uniform, no enough fund for the school to renovate a room, having a class under the trees, these are just some realities that made me realize how important education can be.
            Most parents in the movie doesn’t allow their children to go to school, they mentioned that going to school is just a waste of time considering the labor for the harvesting of their crops and helping out in their homes. For them, work is much important than learning to read and write. For the parents, I think they’re very close minded when it comes to educating their children, but I can’t blame them, they were also raised my their parents like that. In school, teachers were limited. They only have three teachers and one of them is not a qualified teacher at all. The principal of the school hired her because of the scarce of the teachers. The school lacks facilities for better learning environment. Every time a typhoon would happen, their classrooms are a mess. Brand new books are sealed and students cannot use them, and students often fight for having only one book in each class. These are just some of the truth that is happening behind our backs, and we can’t separate politics in these realities.
            Being a teacher, we have the responsibility to teach them how to learn. In that way, everything that we taught them will eventually make them progress on their own. Like in the saying, “teachers open the door. You enter by yourself”, in this saying, it simply means that we teachers are the one who teach them to be responsible and independent. That’s why we are here to let them show their full potential for them to discover themselves. 

thinking process.

still can't think what to write.
grabbed Pika and *shot shot shot!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Knight and Day

it was, i think 2 months or a month ago that we saw the trailer of this movie..
my cousin and my aunt and to watch this if this will be shown on theaters.
and so we did!

at around 2pm my cousin called me up to get ready for a movie treat!
of course, i didn't pass the chance to finally get up and grab a movie.
after dressing up and when i was about to go, the rain started to pour.
so i waited for a couple of minutes to let the rain stop.
but i failed.
so i told my brother to get a tricycle to come and fetch me.
'cause if not, i'll be late for the movie.

it was still raining pretty hard until we reached at the waiting shed..
and not to mention, the water in the drainage of the street was like a flood. 
there were also other people waiting in the shed, waiting for the jeepney.
but i realized that if ever the jeepney will arrive, i'll gonna be WET.
luckily, my uncle was there too. he lend me some money to get a taxi.
'cause if not, it will be hard for me to transfer from the jeepney to the other.
 good thing taxis was invented.

arrived at the mall, finally met with my aunt and cousin dear.
then off to the movie!

during the movie, i found myself head-over-heels for TOM CRUISE!
he's such a HOTTIE. 
like, when i see johhny depp, brad pitt, john cusack..
gawd, i drool for them!!
tell me! you can't deny the fact that they're aged, but you can see their appeal!
it's still captivating you! HAHAHA!

the whole movie was full packed.
comedy + action + romance
until now, i can't stop staring at tom cruise's eyes!
watch the trailer here!

my Captures~

Freshmen Night 2010

thanks to my bestie!
without her D40 dslr, these will not exist.

Friday, June 25, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHER for a night

freshmen night.
too any froshies.
saw my besties Elica & Yen..
i borrowed elica's DSLR.

then, picture2~
then elica told me to capture some pics when the show will start.
so i did it!
i became a photographer for a night!
that experience was awesome!
and beside me, was Mr. Trespicio.. he's a teacher in CAS..
i got some help from him, he adjusted the light settings...etc.
well, hands down to him.
he got awesome pics.perfect light and clear outcome.very clear.

thanks to my bestie for letting me borrow her DSLR.
i got a chance to sit and capture amazing pictures!

Radio hysteria is ON!

Dark Side Of The Sun lyrics

(oh oh oh)
(woah oh oh oh)
(Woah oh oh oh)
(Woah oh oh oh)


On the tv,
In your place,
on the radio-oh

Its a riot, 
Its a riot,
They say no, oh

You are frantic,
Don't you panic,
Let it go-oh

We are,we are, we are

In the cities,
On the streets,
Around the globe-oh

They turn 
anything you love 
into verbot-oh

From the credit, 
To the great part,
Of the show oh

We are, we are, we are
Radio hysteria

The end is near 

We're still standing here

The Futures just begun
on the dark side of the sun 
on the dark side of the sun


All the weapons 
in your hand
under control-oh

With their radars
they are chasin' 
our soul-oh

Time is running 
but your future's
Long ago-oh

We are, we are, we are
Radio hysteria

The end is near 

We're still standing here

The Futures just begun
on the dark side of the sun 
on the dark side of the sun
on the dark side of the sun
on the dark side of the sun!

Will you stand the pain?
When I'm by your side
Will you follow me into the night?

They're not gonna get us
We'll be alright.

And one day
The dark side will

For us! 
For us!

The end is near 

Were still standing here

The Futures just begun
on the dark side of the sun
on the dark side of the sun
on the dark side of the sun
on the dark side of the sun!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


after all the school stuff i had today.
i was really amazed seeing something like this outside the car's window.
when i saw this, my jaw dropped.
i was sooooo amazed.
how can this be possible?
it looked surreal.
the clouds.
the sunlight.
argghh.. and too bad i don't my camera!' cause it's stupid broke!
but i didn't waste my time.
i took my phone, then captured the moment.
the car drives, but my eyes was locked up to the sky.

looks familiar?

does this look familiar?

well, hey hey!
inspired much by Bill's outfit during their Humanoid City Tour last 3 months ago.

the lights on Bill's shoulder captured my imagination, when i first heard about the theme for our
club hero icon for the club fair.

so after the sketch of the outfit for the club hero icon was given, i suggested about the lights.
it is made of LED lights and a transparent hose and of course the electrical connections.

Bill Kaulitz, thank you for the inspiration! LOL
yeah, seriously, i can't imagine myself without Tokio Hotel!

be a SPEDminator!

1:30pm is the call time.
all with make-up + the costume and of course the Model.
the MODEL. SPEDminator we rock!

imma tissue-girl!LOL

we belong to each other!SPED Family~

playing Tekken?

get the lights on!..inspired from bill's outfit from their Humanoid City Tour

we know we ROCK!

me and charie!

me and lovely~

mission accomplished. done!


after the club fair hero icon, the awarding started.
we didn't won.
BUT we're happy about what we accomplished for the last 3 days!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

not so good 3rd day.

kinda lazy to get up from bed.
i want MORE SLEEP!!
but SCHOOL is much important than SLEEPING!

random pics of the day:
and then.
my camera broke. AGAIN!!
i soo hate it.
i need to buy a new camera!
not a digicam anymore, but a DSLR will be great!