Friday, January 21, 2011

Capion: "Under these branches"
Caption: "Sun Ray"
Location: Pulupandan
Caption: "Dead Tree"
Location: Pulupandan

after we ate lunch and watched House of Wax, we decided to go to the beach.
its just a walking distance from Jacque's house.

i hope we can do this again!

Pulupandan Getaway!

Outside Jacque's house.
waiting for her to come back.
she forgot her key!
cheese curls overload!

siomai + lumpia shanghai + lechon manok 

shanghai vampire Subie. 
the Birthday Girl 
and of course, yours truly...ME!

 watching: House of Wax 
 Bayabas galore

mixed emotions!
honestly, some of us have watched House of Wax few years ago, during our highschool days.
but yesterday, we were so thrilled watching some of the gore scenes in the movie.
i think Clu-belle's shout was makin' us more thrilled like we never watched the movie before!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T.T (Tired Tuesday)

early to school na. around 8.30am..
helped out for setting the venue for the seminar
super sleepy.
so we grabbed an ice cream.
then after that, we had football practice. again.
practice game with the engineering students.
so much  fun. i think i'm learning!

sleepy while listening to the talk
teacher Mae talking about Proloquou

eating Chocolate Corneto before going to football practice
after the practice game!how muddy!