Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blackout? or Brownout?

after the rain stopped.
well, hello Mr.sun!
dress up:
printed shirt over black jacket
leggings and my Nike shoes!LOL

first stop.
then..paid something~
then..went to the mall.
met with Ara and Carolin at Odyssey.
ate at KFC.
ordered a Snack Box: Fries + Hot shots! + Pepsi
random topics like:
Tokio hotel
House Music

blah.BLAH.blah LOL!

strolled down the mall looking for minicakes.
for Ate Jo's bday~
stopped over:

  • Bob's Pastry shop
  • Red ribbon
  • Goldilocks
  • cafe bob's
  • and lastly Unlimited brownies!

Ara bought mini cupcakes.
then two cupcake w/ white icing on the top plus choco chips on it~
yummy~ perfect for Ate Jo's bday!

guess what.
we're so unlucky.
there was a couple of BROWNOUTS/ or shall i say
"third-world-low-voltages"while were inside the mall.

stopped elevators.
dim lights.

and of course, it was so hot.

still summer here.

and people were goin' out the mall.
but yeah, we don't mind them.LOL!

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