Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Mother's Day(May 8, 2010)

late blog.
2 weeks ago, was mother's day.
nothing SPECIAL?
i think for some..
but for me, it was very special.
SURPRISES wasn't absent on that day.
my sister, who's in Japan now, ordered flowers via online.
a week before mother's day, she planned to surprised mom even though she's in Japan.

so, she made a poem, and here it is:

"M for the MILLION things you gave me
O is for the OVERALL moral support you did
T is for the TEARS you shed to save me
H for your HEART with purest gold
E for the EVERLASTING love you gave me
R mean RIGHT, and right you`ll always be
put them together they spell MOTHER.
a word that completes me.

so i edited a pic in photoshop. just a simple edit that will make my mama proud!LOL
here's mom with us!XD

And unfortunately, my digital camera broke.
no pictures. 
but thanks to my webcam. we got these!

can you see the flowers?12 roses. red and white!
my mom was really surprised bout the flowers.
it arrived the day before, and we kept it then gave it to her first thing in the morning!
thanks to LBC for delivering it perfectly!

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