Thursday, June 17, 2010

first week of class!

what a week!
first day.
first hell!
got loads of task.
not that much but very, well, a little hectic.
Preparations for next week's Club Fair 2010.
make a concept, plus design.
sketched it. FAILED.
i don't know how to draw.
i only know how to doodle!
so i brainstormed. brainstormed.
got a concept!
guess what. it's Tokio Hotel!
Tom's left egg.
not the exact thing but, it seems alike.
so i asked some ideas from my classmates.
they agreed. of course..
then worked out for the materials needed, money, time, people and etc.

my class schedule is not that busy.
i got enough time in every class to another.
enough vacant time to doodle myself out. LOL

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