Saturday, June 26, 2010

Knight and Day

it was, i think 2 months or a month ago that we saw the trailer of this movie..
my cousin and my aunt and to watch this if this will be shown on theaters.
and so we did!

at around 2pm my cousin called me up to get ready for a movie treat!
of course, i didn't pass the chance to finally get up and grab a movie.
after dressing up and when i was about to go, the rain started to pour.
so i waited for a couple of minutes to let the rain stop.
but i failed.
so i told my brother to get a tricycle to come and fetch me.
'cause if not, i'll be late for the movie.

it was still raining pretty hard until we reached at the waiting shed..
and not to mention, the water in the drainage of the street was like a flood. 
there were also other people waiting in the shed, waiting for the jeepney.
but i realized that if ever the jeepney will arrive, i'll gonna be WET.
luckily, my uncle was there too. he lend me some money to get a taxi.
'cause if not, it will be hard for me to transfer from the jeepney to the other.
 good thing taxis was invented.

arrived at the mall, finally met with my aunt and cousin dear.
then off to the movie!

during the movie, i found myself head-over-heels for TOM CRUISE!
he's such a HOTTIE. 
like, when i see johhny depp, brad pitt, john cusack..
gawd, i drool for them!!
tell me! you can't deny the fact that they're aged, but you can see their appeal!
it's still captivating you! HAHAHA!

the whole movie was full packed.
comedy + action + romance
until now, i can't stop staring at tom cruise's eyes!
watch the trailer here!

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