Friday, June 4, 2010


last night was the one of the best moments of my life!
can you imagine partying and lived streamed through YM?
well it did happened!
last night was a blast!

last night was our Lola Tutang's "Pa-syam"..
it's a Filipino-stuff which is the 9th day after the burial of a loved one/s
we prepared a lot of foods~
it seems that we're just eating in a resto~
perfect food.
perfect people.
perfect FUN!

after eating, we had some little break, and after that, it was HISTORY!
cousins, aunties, uncles, lola and etc.
all mashed up in front of the webcam streaming live to my sister and auntie in Japan!
it all started when my sister and i had a deal that morning that we'll do a dance (Baby by Justin Bieber)
so i told my little cousins that we'll have a dance then!
i was just laughing at them 'cause they all took it seriously.
they borrowed my phone, then practiced their dance moves!
i was just laughing at them doing their moves! 

i think i got more than 10 videos taken!

let's start with these: POP Music!
my cousins + me doing the Baby moves~

BABY by Justin Bieber
Performance -Level!! (live streamed to Japan)

Bingeul Bingeul Bingeul by U-Kiss
(Aira on the hood!)

Tik-Tok by Kesha
(don't mind the little accident by Aira~ XD bloopers)
anyways, we did enjoy the beat!

and then, the real PARTEEY started!!

Shots by LMFAO
crazyyness overload!

Monsoon by Tokio Hotel Remix

Insomnia by Craig David
feels like Insomnia~aha-aah
Uncle Sokoy doin' his thing!

Insomnia/Break your Heart by Taio cruz
love this song!!

Shining Star~ all time fave!!

Love is Goooone by David Guetta
Bill Kaulitz would always pop-up my mind to this song!

Mash-Up by Glee cast (Halo/Walking on sunshine)

When I Look at you by ME 
hahahaha! XD

Nobody by Guess-Who!
nice wig+shades=who's that?

Baby (3rd time)
the *Piggy and the *Piglette

~the E.N.D.

that was soooo sweaty tiring but FUN!!
i barely noticed.
we started with BABY and ended with BABY~
is this JB fever?
hope not!!


  1. A night to remember! this is Epic :) It feels like home :)

  2. hehe..feeling ko daw ara lng ta sa mo2 ice!haha..saja gd ya...mish yuuu