Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chucks for Me!

my mom and i would usually buy clothes, bags, or shoes at ukay-ukay
instead of buying at the mall then you have the same thing as others have.
but we first look at the quality and if the price is worth the quality, we'll buy it.
i'm sure only 1% of the population could have the same thing from the ukay-ukay.
or maybe no one.
so, it's like our hobby every time we're together, or we have free time.
i think we've been to all the ukay-ukay stores here in Bacolod.
from the downtown, to the mall...etc..

so we dropped by at the renovated "Divisoria"..
we were ready to go, then we forgot to go upstairs.
guess what?
a new hub was discovered!
it was like you're entering heaven along the stairs!
good quality clothes, bag, shoes!
you can really tell that it's worth the price.

so yesterday, i was really finding a chuck taylor that would feed my crave.
earlier today, when we dropped by that ukay-ukay store, i saw these pair!

it was like a dream come true!
i can't believe that i found it there.
usually this pair will run in a price of P2,600..
but i bought it for P700 ONLY!
event hough its slightly used, but i really liked it!
 i can't get my head over it!
thanks to my mom for buying this to me!

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