Sunday, July 18, 2010

got my Nikon D3000!

doing a random practice shooting at our backyard..
thanks Nikon for having these cool photos!

Pika.model for the day.

can you believe this?she's my mom! her soo much!


earphones <3

when Vanity strikes.
finally, after a long time of waiting. the day has come! July 16, 2010, i got my own NIKON D3000!
this is my advance birthday gift, Christmas gift, and graduation gift from dad!
thank gawd he said yes! hahaha!
so earlier this day, i have nothing to do, so i went outside our house and did a random shooting.
random subjects such as Pika, my mom, our dogs, the leaves, etc...
in that way, i can start practicing my manual shooting skills, focusing, etc..
well, it's a good start right?

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