Thursday, July 8, 2010

The List 02: Run up an Escalator the Wrong Way

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You need plenty of stamina for this. When you're standing at the bottom of an escalator, running up it doesn't seem such a daunting prospect. After all, they move pretty slow, and you can easily see the top. However, you've got to remember that an average escalator is one and a half times longer than a staircase of the same size. And don't forget that the steps are much higher and will require more exertion.
Still up for the challenge??

Running to Stand Still?

  • find an escalator. Shopping malls are probably your best bet, or if you live near a subway, you've got plenty of choice. Start with a short one and pace yourself, or you'll run out of steam before you reach the top. It's a long, humiliating way down if you fail.
  • Make sure you've got appropriate footwear on and you're not wearing any clothes that might trip you up or get caught in the escalator.
  • Use an empty escalator. Other users won't be too happy if you barge past them and you might get told off. They'll also block your way and slow you down.
  • Remember, where there is an up escalator, there is a down one too!

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