Friday, March 25, 2011

AZKALS Fever in Bacolod

2 weeks before February 9, the Philippine Football team was here in Bacolod to play their game against Mongolia. Bacolodons were so lucky to have the whole team present here on our city. We had great meet and greets with the team every time they have their practice games at Panaad stadium. I just became a football fan since i joined in our college football team last Sportsfest and i admit that, i'm not good at it! i jsut only know how to run, run, run, and kick! its a total failure. but who knows, maybe i'll be the next David Beckham-girl version!
so here's some pic i got during the stalker-ville-nights i had with the Azkals:
 some of the pics are taken during their practice game, at the hotel (L'Fisher, and during the after party) 

meet the Azkaleras!

Practice game in Panaad stadium

with William Espinosa Gueridonn

with Anton Del Rosario

with Paolo Pascual

with Kim Relucio

with Simon Greatwich

again, with William and Gener

with Ryan Hall

with Yannick Tuason (talking w/ his gf on the phone haha)

again, w/ Kim Relucio 

w/ "The Wall" Neil Etheridge

w/ James Younghusband

w/ Mr. Sacapano..don't know his first name :)

w/ Cam-cam

with Chieffy Caligdong (he made the first goal vs Mongolia!)

with Rob Gier (LOL to the way i hold him in his arm haha)

with Patrick Henrichsen (the pic is kinda blurry, but Hey! i had a pic with him!)

here's another pic w/ James Younghusband

another pic w/ Kim Relucio 

and last but not the least. with Phil Younghusband's CHEST. 
epic fail! LMFAO

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