Monday, September 12, 2011

Azkals are back in town!

AZKALS Fan-girling Day 1 (Sept. 9, 2011)
it was raining so hard when we are going to the hotel. we arrived there soaked and wet!but it didn't stopped us.i'm with Faith and i met my friends there too, Romelyn, Kathleen, and Gretchen.
and the picture-taking starts!LOL
with Deo Segunial (@deosegunial)

with Kuya Ace (@acebright)

with Misagh Bahadoran (@misagah_9)

with James Younghusband (@JYH7)

with Paolo Pascual (ItsPaoloPascual)

with Mark Hartmann (@MarkyHartmann)

AZKALS Fan-girling Day 1 (Sept. 10, 2011)

Pao's feet! he's busy signing autographs for his fans

with Jeffrey, he's Belgian

with Deo, we gave him Ube Piaya

with OJ, forgot his last name

with Jerry Barbaso (@1yrrej)

Awww..James YH (@JYH7)

those eyes. Phil! you smell good!LOL

We ate dinner at the hotel, while the Azkals went out heading to their bus, luckily, one of the staff called my aunt if she can teach the way to Mr. Puentevella's house, cos' they will have their dinner there that night. So my aunt went with him and Wendie followed. i really thought that they will jusst take a picture inside the bus, it was unexpected!we actually rode inside the bus with the Azkals!Wendie is seated with Misagh and me with Paolo! at first, it was so silent. (i told Pao, "that awkward moment when i'm beside with Paolo Pascual", then he said "ok lng yan.. :))" ) so i was really brainstorming on what to chat about since it was kinda awkward. ahaha 

my very nice seatmate-at-the-bus! Paolo! (still can't believe what happened that night!)

goofin' around the Azkal Bus. with my cousin Wendie seated next t o her "crush" Misagh, and of course me, at the back with Paolo! :)) ang cute ni Pao!!

finally!ahahha i'm IN the AZKALS BUS!woooooot

AZKALS Fan-girling Day 1 (Sept. 11, 2011)
watched their practice game vs Global FC at Panaad Stadium
3-0, 3 goals came from Mark Hartmann!

never-ending picture-taking with the Azkals!
sweaty Yannick!!

with Michael (Global FC Member)

Jerry Barbaso

with Mr. Dan Palami

with Pretty Boy Carli

with the players of Global FC :))

back to the hotel, for the 3rd time!hahaha

finally got a picture with Nate Burkey (sooo gwapoooo)

waited f or Paolo at the lobby, and yes. chit-chatted with them, U23 players :))

Napoleones for Deo! ;))

with Gerardo, ilonggo din like BoyBoy

Another Bacolodnon, BoyBoy

so Paolo did came to us, thanks to Stephen for calling him in.
had a pic with him, in another pose. not just like standing next to him, but instead i'm at the back. ahahaha and Kuya Edward (Mr. Oh-Yeah!) also goofed around and find him in the pic! haha

with Deo, Gerado, Mr.OH-YEAH (Kuya Edward), and BoyBoy

it is not just following them in their hotels, not just taking pictures with them, not just having their twitter accounts, but being an Azkal fan, it is a pleasure to meet each of them in person, have  little chit-chat with them, laugh with them.. just little things that would complete our day. for me, i just grab the opportunity that they are here in Bacolod again.
Some say that being a fan is like "hey!you are a stalker!". 
NO were  not. 

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