Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dumaguete Trip! :))

It's officially SUMMER! 

...and as an escapade for me, mom and my brother, we decided to go to Dumaguete! Saturday night, we packed our things up. We slept a little and woke up at around 2:00 am and we went to the terminal and waited for the 3:00am trip to Dumaguete. 

After almost 7 hours of land travel to Dumaguete, we arrived at about 10:30am. We went to Mcdonald's and had breakfast. While we were eating, I noticed that the costumers are almost foreigners. They come in groups and of course their lovely wives from the local city. Now I knew why there are so many half Filipinos in Dumaguete! So anyways, before starting our sightseeing in Dumaguete, we first find a pension house that's affordable and yes, it was OK Pension House. One night only cost us about P280. So we left our baggages and off for a stroll. 

First stop was The Dumaguete Belfry located in front of their Plaza

We prayed for our personal intentions and lit a candle. 
so after that, under the scorchin' hot sun, we decided to cool down and went to Robinson's Place.
Before we had this trip, Fried Ice Cream was really my goal. and luckily we saw Miguelito's Fried Ice Cream.
we strolled. bought a book from Booksale. and waited for time. 

Actually, one of the reason why we had this trip to Dumaguete is because mom would like to recall her memories when she was still a kid. when she was about 4 years old, she was lost in the streets of Dumaguete city. Lola and Lolo searched for her all day long and found her along the shores of Rizal Bay. She recalled the streets from Silliman University to Rizal Bay. When we reached Silliman University, my mom recalled all her memories, the happy times she had when she's still a kid, she remembered playing and running around the campus of Silliman and that brought her into tears. 

..part 1 ends here!

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