Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Official!

i guess i'm still sleeping in here?
its past 5am i think. around 5:40?
 for today, were utility men?!
early at school to set-up the materials needed for the venue.
 creepy room at our coliseum.
we woke up Manong Jonathan and Manong Roland to help us out with the podium and the black riser for our venue.
early for a karaoke?
nah. i'm not a singer. 
 after all the morning walk from gate 2 to educ faculty.
we had our breakfast at Jolibee.
 Hot Chocolate dude!!
 Jacq and I didn't got a chance to make it up at the Angels Walk.
so we waited for them at Jolibee.

 water break~
15th National Autism Consciousness Week Celebration
is officially open!
January16-22, 2011

here's a video of the announcement of the opening of the event:
 SEAL Family! 

gonna update soon!

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