Saturday, January 15, 2011

Watermelon on my NAILS!

 Saturday is supposed to be a free day for me. but not this day.
i went to school to get the money for our football uniform four the upcoming Sportsfest 2011 this January 24-28.

so i arrived at school about 10:00am.
waited for our Governor to arrive.

after the money was given to me, we headed straight to 888 china mall and bought the jerseys.
while waiting for the next destination, Jacquie and I went to Neutrals for a nail art.
it only cost us 29.00 all in all.
no manicure. just nail art.
So, Jacquie chose a Strawberry nail art for her toenails.
and a Watermelon for me!
After the nail art, we headed to downtown.
this time, we bought our jersey shorts.
after that, we dropped by at de la rama building to buy some geeky glass for Jacquie.
and guess what, the owner's dog was too adorable!so i picked him up and snap a picture with him!

and yes. hunger came to us. 
this only cost us 30.00: rice+egg on top+mini burger steak
were HUMANS after all! hahaha!

it was past 2pm and we needed to go back to school.
arrange issues at avrc and the podium-thingy.
so back to school and yes, waited for Ms. Cherry.
finally, all things wrapped up and we're ready for tomorrow's event.
head out to school went to downtown to meet mom and dropped by at a japanese store.
guess what i found!
TORO the Cat!!

i'll gonna buy this! the last one will do. it's only 150.00..
he's so adorable! gonna collect this Toro plushies! hahaha
and that was how my Saturday ended.


  1. Kawaii!! now I like Rilakuma. That`s rilakuma next to Toro.

  2. oo!picturan ko na tne galing na lowbat na cp ko!pakita ko tne cmu damu mn toh cia mga 3 gru ahaha