Friday, January 14, 2011

so TRUE.

i got nothing to do since my class today will start at 3:30pm.
i opened a new tab and typed
log-in my account and started to scroll, scroll, and scroll..
when i saw this picture:
i stopped scrolling down.
i paused for a moment and read the caption "Words do hurt. A lot."
at first, i find this hilarious and amazing.
the edit is cool.
but then i realized the real meaning of this picture.
imagine how Manny Pacquiao punches your face like this?
Verbal Abuse can hurt like you were punched in the face like that.
it hurts. A LOT. 
so for me, this picture means a message to all of us. 
its a CRIME.


  1. I totally agree to this. It doesn`t strike you physically but it will directly strike you straight in your heart.