Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Honestly, i don't like wearing heels. I'm most comfortable wearing flat shoes, sneakers, espadrilles, and the like. I usually wear high-heeled shoes if needed, like during debuts, demonstrations, formal occasions. For me, wearing heels makes me feel like my feet will gonna break! Since i'm not that tall, my mom would usually remind me to wear heels, but yuss. I CAN'T. I prefer wearing flat shoes and be comfortably walking down the streets. It makes me feel free. That, there is nothing to worry about, 'coz sometimes, wearing heels makes you worry a lot, the way you walk, each step you make, the people watching you while you are walking, etc. Today, we strolled around downtown for some furnitures, racks, tables, and figurines for our house, we passed by Divisoria and guess what! their shoes and bags are 80% off! so we went in and i got these pretty flats. P100 each :))

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  1. Those are nice flat shoes but I think you need heels for a change maybe wedge?