Friday, March 25, 2011

miss this.

so YEAH. i haven't blog for almost 2 months?? can't remember.i got sooooo busy with school stuff and all.and got no time to open my blogger account.but yes. no more classes. and its SUMMER! (but the fact that its rainy here)so i have much time to update my blog with some spice of my daily life. LOL
on the past months, i've been busy with projects.
Edtech, Portfolio for Professor O, Reportings, Demonstrations, etc.
but thank God that i passed it all! i hope that my grades will be OK.
one more year to go and College is DONE!
actually, i will be graduating this March, but since i shifted to Education in my 2nd year..
i'll graduate next year.
One more year to go! i just can't wait to finally finish school!
so here's what happened to me during the past months:


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