Monday, November 7, 2011

MassKara Fever 2011

The month of October is in celebration of Masskara Festival, from Oct.1-19.
The City of Bacolod is known to be as the City  of Smiles.
they believe that we, Bacolodnons are always wearing a 
smile on our faces and that makes us different from others.
In this month, each Bacolodnon has its own itinerary to follow to make each day memorable.
May it be a food trip in the public plaza, carnival rides near SM mall, tourism strip in along Lacson St., or just merely on the streets of Bacolod.
you can find a lot of  people and interesting stuff around you.
so here's what I did during Masskara Festival.

1. Dugout Party last Oct. 14 with the Azkal members Misagh, Angel and Nong Gener.
Will Never Forget (WNF):
+Dj Frac Attack's hair!
+Amazing music
+chit-chat with Misagh about that doodle celebrity thingy
+Misagh's eyes! i melted!!
+"Como estas"--->Angel <3

2. still Dugout Party last Oct.15. this time Paolo Pascual, Kuya Ace and Coach Yo were there to Party with us!
Will Never Forget (WNF):
+my giggly-hug to Angel
+PAOLO PASCUAL's inasal. walkin' like a boss!
+super party with cool remixes!
+Angel's dance moves!
+that tube drink that tastes like UNFFF!
+wore a miniskirt ://

3. Masskara strolling along the streets of Bacolod.
Will Never Forget (WNF):
+Puppet dance
+blinkin' earrings
+rode Sea Dragon and shouted like there's no tomorrow!
+Fireworks display at Gov't Center

i guess, I will again wait for a another year to experience Masskara Fever!

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  1. LOVE IT!!