Sunday, November 6, 2011

Endless Roads, we Travel ♥ Guimaras to Ilo-ilo

November 5-6, 2011

Rode a pamboat from Pulupandan to Guimaras.
we got no plan where to go after stepping in the sands of Guimaras Island.
But then, when we rode that jeepney, everything stared!we are also very thankful to our new found travel-buddies Ross Montes & company for tagging us along! :))

Will Never Forget (WNF) :
--ang kanding sa babaw jeep
--Jeepless roads of Guimaras
--free entrance at Raymen Beach Resort
--affordable bed space
--of course, the white sand and the clear water!
--Chippy dipped in fresh sea water!
--vanity moments
--cornbeef na gnluto ni Faith
--nabilin ang **** ni Peyt!
--Sing-along sa kilid cave2
--Epic face ni @Jacque underwater 'kuno'
--Day 2 sulit outfit
--Island hopping!! c/o Nong Ped
--sympre ang Snorklin' along some coral reefs(hapaw lang)
--The Cave 'creepy cave'
--awesome private beach houses/resorts
--Turtle island!in fairness, 2 lng to ila turtle! tag P5.00 ang entrance
--nita negriita ang skin color!haha
--sidetrip to Ilo-ilo city
--nadusmo si Drixzel sa tubang Mang inasal
--Roro from Dumangas-Bacolod trip!

we just brought packed rice, canned pork and beans and water

collected small shells along the shore.

one of the two pawikans in Pawikan island

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